Sirona XG® 3D / Implants

So, you are missing a tooth or several teeth and want them back. We can help. Dental implants allow you to do just that. Another wonderful piece of technology in our office is our CBCT machine. This allows us to take 3D radiographs. Almost every patient that we have taken a CBCT on has said the same thing, “This is amazing!”

How we do implants is different than most offices in this area. We utilize guided surgery.

How does it work????

We take an optical impression of your mouth like we talked about for making crowns. In the areas that you are missing teeth we digitally design your new teeth. Next we take a CBCT radiograph. The digital impression with your “new teeth” is stitched to your CBCT scan. Now we do your surgery on the computer. All implants are placed digitally exactly where we want them. This plan is uploaded to SiCAT in Germany where a surgical guide is milled. At surgery this guide is placed and allows us to quickly place your implants in the exact location we planned. Most of the times we place the implants without an incision!

After the implants heal we fabricate crowns that are placed on the implants in the same method we do for other crowns as we have discussed before.

So, how is this different……

Most do not utilize guided surgery. Most dentist refer out implant placement and when the patient returns to them for restoration the implant may or may not have been favorably placed. We design your crown first and then place the implant to work with the crown.

Single tooth implant placement surgery generally takes 10-15 minutes. Most of the surgery is done on the computer before you come in.

Here is a case we did on a patient that was missing several posterior teeth and wanted his teeth replaced one for one. This case was done just like we described above. There was no incision and the patient claims he wasted his money on getting his pain pills filled.

As always if there are any questions, feel free to ask